Saturday, 1 March 2014

Grandma Inga

Yesterday, our family lost the most amazing woman you have ever met.
She was my Great Grandma Inga.

She loved and took everyone in under her wing, and if she had an opinion, you heard it!
She was wild, going wherever the wind blew. Traveling the world every year to visit family and friends. She always sent a birthday card to you-whether it was her children, her grand children, great grand children-she remembered you. Her cards were usually hand made to boot. She was an amazing artist, tarot reader, A wonderful cook, and was always down for a good party.

 She always took her vitamins, and one thing I remember her telling me when I was a teenager, was that "you can't cook dinner without a glass of wine in your hand". Everything about Inga was unique. Her style was amazing. flowy skirts and shirts, funky hats, beautiful jewelry.Her attitude towards life was simple, positive, and no matter who you were to her, friend, son, daughter,grandchild, she radiated that positivity to you, and it was contagious. I always felt like I could run away and be a gypsy too when I was around her.

The shock is still in effect, and to me, it still feels like she is in Costa Rica, dancing with her friends, and digging her toes into the sand. I have moments where I am fine, and then moments where I am crying, then moments where I'm laughing and joking . I guess it's how I deal.
One thing that breaks my heart, is that my own kids are too young, and they won't get the chance to remember her the way I will remember her. I guess it's my job to make sure they know. To tell them stories about their free as a bird great great grandma who followed her own path, and lived a life full of colour and beauty.

Rest in Peace Grandma 

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