Saturday, 28 December 2013

Clothes Pin Magnet Tutorial

 Clothes Pin Magnets

My camera is seven years old. It was the only electronic that I ever managed not to break.Until now.
The buttons decided they wanted to stop working, and then start again on Christmas Eve of all times!
So until I get a new camera, I will just have to post tutorials with what I have.

On THAT note,  Are you excited? because I am nervous as all heck!
You have probably seen a tutorial for these before, but clothes pin magnets are one of my favorite things to make. I add them to gifts as a little extra surprise.

Ready? Let's go!

You will need:
A paint brush
Modpodge Dimensional Magic
Clothes Pins
Scrapbook Paper or Washi Tape
Small Magnets (not pictured because I forgot to add them and the glue, silly me)
Glue (hot glue, or E6000)

 First you're going to paint one side of the clothes pin with modpodge.
 Then stick it down onto your craft paper, or washi tape. My paper had a design on each side, so I chose the pretty flower side.

Let the modpodge dry for a few minutes, then trim off the excess paper on your clothes pin. It can be a bit tricky around the metal parts of the clothes pin,but you can always file it down with a nail file if you have to.

After the paper is trimmed, I like to add another coat of modpodge, and rub it along the sides and top, to make sure it won't come off. Let it dry for another few minutes.

Heres the part I always make a mess on. You will want to find a surface that is flat, and that you won't mind getting sticky.I use a recycled deli tray we ordered a while ago.

Lay your clothes pins down flat, and gently dab the modpodge dimensional magic around the outer edge of the clothes pin, and work your way to the middle. Just let the drops come out of the bottle. DON"T SQUEEZE! if you use too much, it runs down the side of the clothes pin, and it will stick to the tray when it dries!

If you get any air bubbles, you can pop them with a toothpick, and then let the clothes pins dry over night.
When they dry, they will have a pretty plastic look to them. I love dimensional magic!

After they are dry, you can add a small dab of E6000, or hot glue to a magnet, and add it to the back of your pretty clothes pin! let it dry, and you're done!

Happy crafting!

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