Monday, 30 December 2013

Quick New Years Stir Sticks and Cups.

Both my littles celebrate their birthdays in the first week of December. Followed by family visiting Christmas parties,then a week long trip to my home town to plan a 50th anniversary surprise party, and then rushing home to prepare for Christmas the day before company arrives. 

December was a busy busy month for our family, so it's no surprise I'm not feeling the New years eve buzz of excitement that everyone else has. Our big plans are to probably watch Dr.Who, or Power Rangers, and maybe have some cider.
It's okay to not go 'all out' every holiday season. You just end up over working yourself, stressing out, and not enjoying the time you have with the people you love.

I did however feel like there should be a little bit of sparkle to our evening, so I whipped up a quick project to share.

Quick  Sparkle Stir Sticks

All you need is some wooden sticks, gold washi tape, and scissors.
Wrap the strip of tape around the top of the stick, cut out a triangle, and you're done. Super simple!

I wrapped the same washi tape around a few plastic cups to add some flare to those too. (they were actually left overs from the surprise anniversary party a few weeks ago. and the gold platter, was a dollar at the thrift store and we spray painted it gold for the party as well!)

Happy New Year!

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