Friday, 3 January 2014

Valentines Day Arrow Tutorial

Valentines Day Arrow Tutorial

I have no valentines day decorations up yet..But I've been dreaming up some fun things. Right now I am trying to naturally stain some popcicles sticks for an idea I have,but out of the trial and error, I'm mostly just getting errors. So I've taken a break from dying wood to share this quick tutorial with you!

These arrows are super quick to make, and turn out pretty cute. I have a few unpainted ones in a box ready for my three year old to paint up whenever he is bored for the next few weeks. I may even turn some into a wreath, or hang them from the window...the possibilities are endless really!

Now, This tutorial is going to suck...basically, I'm just going to say "look at the pictures and do it"...because that's how easy it is!

You Will Need:

Coffee Stir Sticks
Hot Glue

One stick is going to be the body of the arrow so don't cut it (That's the stick on the left).
Cut the other two stir sticks like you see them in the photo.

After you are done, You will have two pieces that have round edges left over (the two on the right side of the picture,) Just put those aside.
Arrange your other pieces to form an arrow.

Then glue them!
Paint, or glitter, and you're done!

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