Wednesday, 22 January 2014


This is Mr.Sensitive.
A three year old with a passion for Power Rangers, golfing, painting, and cuddling.
He hates vacuum cleaners, going to bed, and when his sister pulls his hair.

He was my first born, and saved my life. I honestly think I would be on the streets somewhere if it wasn't for him coming into our lives.
He was a kicker in my belly,and always had hiccups.
He scared us at birth because he wasn't breathing, and then a lung collapsed, but he bounced right back.

He is soft spoken, polite,and says the sweetest things like "Mommy, I love you forever and always". (Melts the heart right!?)

The other night, he woke up crying, so I came up stairs and snuggled up next to him. I watched him fall back asleep, and I watched him sleep for a little bit longer...just because.

He was my glass the sense that he was my first born and I was scared of breaking him. I was extra gentle changing him, woke up to check on him countless times at night, when he got even the smallest booboo, I was rushing straight to emergency to make sure he was all right. I read all the parenting books, joined forums, and had all the things I thought I needed to prepare for a baby.

Anyway, here, on my blog, he will be known as Mr.Sensitive, and his sister will be known as Trouble. because those are words that describe their personalities perfectly.haha

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