Friday, 24 January 2014

Our New Neighbor

Yesterday we decided to go run some errands, and stopped in at our local Staples store.
Every time we go in there, Dru goes to look at electronics, and I head straight for the Martha Stewart office supplies. To my absolute surprise, they had a lot of things on clearance! Plus another 20% off the clearance price! I scored some dry erase stickers, chalkboard labels, and some book plates. I should have got more...and will probably go back. 

I have also finally got my cousins baby care packaged ready to send! I procrastinate a little bit...but I had some fun decorating the wrapping with some washi tape as you can see.

And now, onto the most exciting thing that has happened! Yesterday we had some new neighbors move in! and they are the fuzziest most cute little things in the world!

Don't you just want to squeeze it and love it!!??
There are two rabbits who live in our yard, and they let you sit beside them and watch them without worry.
It has been really hard not to run outside and start offering them carrots,because they are wild animals after all, and to mess with nature is never a good thing, so we just watch, and appreciate their company.

This house has been absolutely wonderful when is comes to wild animals. We have a bear that visits the blackberry bush out back (NOTE: our back yard is very large, and the bear is very neat to watch, but we never get close and always stay on the deck), and we have our friendly deer (two females, their children, and some times if we are lucky, HUGE bucks!), and then some raccoons from time to time. The only bad experience we've had with animals were a few rats getting into the house, but that's been fixed!

Anyway I'm going to go enjoy our little furry friends company some more!

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