Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Creative Play

How do I put this...My kids watch too much TV. They play while watching, or take off and play with each other and then take a break and watch a show, but the TV is almost always on in the back ground.

I'm not the perfect mom who has dinner ready, the floors swept, and I certainly don't always have them playing something they can learn from. But sometimes, I do pretty good. Like today. Today we built a house.

I brought out all our craft sticks, a glue gun, a cardboard surface from the recycle bin, and we got to work.

I started the base, and I controlled the glue gun (obviously because glue guns are hot hot hot, and my kids are small small small!)

From there, I made exactly what Mr.Sensitive told me to make.
"Make a ladder Mamma!"
"We need a roof here!"
"This stick has to go here"

He also sang the theme song from Bob the Builder the whole time (see what I mean by too much TV?)

Then my kiddo got artsy and made a clothes pin sculpture on the very top. 

After he said we were done building, I got him some paint so he could make it his own.

I use recycled lids from plastic containers as paint trays. Acryclic paint washes right off of the plastic with hot water.

Right now, he has his transformers inside the stick house and it's their hide out, and he's been playing quietly for a good hour...which doesn't happen often.

He has a million little toys he can use to play with his new house, and there's a lot of room to build onto it in the future.

Happy Crafting!

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