Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The One Called Trouble (And a Recipe for Earl Grey Tea)

This is Trouble.
Her hobbies include eating things she finds on the ground, pulling on cords, and trying to jump out of her high chair.
We have yet to go out and not be stopped at every corner by people telling her how beautiful her hair is.
And let me tell you, She has a fiery attitude to go with that fire red hair! Just today, she threw a cheese grater into our toilet, and pulled her big brothers hair after she tried to take his toy from him.

She's also very clever,and learns very quickly. I suppose she learns quick so she can keep up with her brother. Trouble is a daddy's girl. She sleeps on him, runs to him, screams for him, and plays video games with him.

anyway, today, Trouble has been....trouble. I know I am not the only one who has days where you need a minute to yourself without a monkey-child climbing you, pulling your hair, or biting you or you might explode, but you don't explode because then that would just be another mess you'd have to clean up.

So I took a minute to make myself some earl grey. It's my new favorite tea if it's made right, and it calms me right down if I feel I'm about to cry in a corner on days like this.

Earl Grey-Calm Down and Don't Explode Tea

You Will Need:
Earl grey tea
Cream (However much you want)
 1tsp Vanilla
2 cubes of sugar (or 10. whatever floats your boat-I don't judge)

Brew your tea like you normally do, and let it steep. While that's going on, pour your desired
 amount of cream into a pot and heat it on the stove. (I like a lot of cream...I will die young, but I will have died happily)

Pour in a teaspoon of vanilla, and your sugar cubes, and whisk it all until it gets nice and frothy.

Pour your cream mixture into your tea, and viola! One calming tea that will stop you from hiding in your closet crying to yourself!


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