Saturday, 18 January 2014

Valentine Potion

Just a quick idea that I promised to show you, and it's probably the easiest thing in the world to do.
Basically, find a fancy bottle, fill it with red or pink liquid of some sort, pop a tag on it, and you've got yourself a 'love potion'!

The decanter I used was a gift from my sister. She had made candy cane vodka, and used a bunch of these dollar store decanters to hand out as gifts. Last week when I was thrift shopping I found a whole shelf FULL of decanters! They were 50 cents each! I didn't buy them because my hubby already thinks I'm a hoarder as it is.

Anyway, after the vodka was gone, I rinsed out the decanter, and filled it with apple cranberry tea. Our house is a house of tea drinkers. Both my littles drink herbal teas, and I'd rather them drink tea than sugar filled pop because they had a whole lot of sugar over Christmas holidays- But You could easily make your 'potion' from a mix of kool-aid and sprite or fruit juice.

you can learn to make gift tags here
I am trying to find time to make a tutorial for the paper rose, and the tutorial for the crochet flowers can be found here


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