Thursday, 9 January 2014

Valentines Gift Tag Idea

Oh hey you guys! Quick! Go find (or make) some gift tags, gather up pretty paper, pretty tape, sparkles, ANYTHING you want.

You're going to make some valentine tags.

This isn't so much a tutorial but an idea post. You can really do this any way you want.

A while back, I got completely obsessed with making crochet hearts. I have a jar filled with'em. I knew I'd find a use for them eventually! I also have to cut my gift tags by hand because I don't have a punch to do it for me...I should really invest in one because I make a lot of tags.

ANYWAY! I gathered up some pink wrapping paper, washi tape, buttons, crochet hearts, vintage music sheets, and some scrap book paper. Then got some scissors and glue and got to work sticking stuff together!

Stay tuned for a valentines "Love potion" idea in the next few weeks!

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