Friday, 17 January 2014

Thrifty DIY Baby Care Package

My cousin is expecting her first baby very soon! I always get so excited when other people have babies, then I get a bit jealous because being pregnant is awesome!, and then I laugh because being pregnant also sucks. haha

I wanted to do something nice for my cousin and send her a package of things she could use. Now, I wanted to go buy her a bunch of stuff, but this week, our car broke down, and it's not going to be an easy fix. Any extra money we had, is going to the 'car fix fund'. So I had to get a bit crafty, and thrifty.

I took a box left over from Christmas, and decorated it with some paper and tape and cute sayings.

The goodies inside

Since I can't go buy an outfit for the new baby (a boy!), I went through some of my sons clothes I had.
I found this sweater that I used to LOVE! My son had so many clothes, that he usually only wore something once or twice (his Grandma has a shopping problem..)
I also picked out something that is 18-24 months instead of something that is newborn because everyone always buys the new baby newborn clothing,and they grow out of it SO fast! 

I saved a whole bunch of new born and size 1 diapers after my daughter grew out of them because I figured I would find someone who could use them, and if not, she could use them for her dolls when she's older. I packed a little bundle up for the new babe because you can never have too many diapers! I attached a cute tag using one of the clothes pin magnets I make.

I made these little booties using this tutorial by Crochet Jewel. I absolutely love them because they are easy to make, and you can make them in different sizes.

I make these bows myself. I'm sure you can find tutorials for them online, but I just winged it. Maybe I should make a tutorial sometime...
Anyway, these bows can be used as hair bows, or bowties! they are just attached using an alligator clip.

When my son was born, he never took a pacifier. EVER! so strange. We had a whole drawer full of pacifiers that he never used. This was the coolest one ever! The blue plastic part opens up so the baby can use the pacifier, and if it falls on the ground, it snaps shut so the pacifier doesn't get dirty! Hopefully my cousin will get some use out of it... (even though my son never used it, I disinfected it just to be safe)

And a little something for the momma.
After pushing a baby out, you want to feel clean! So I added a package of deodorant,shampoo and conditioner, and a pack of breath mints.

That is that!
I hope she likes it.

What would you put in a baby care package?

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