Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mini Vacation.

My parents live an hour and a half away from us, and need to pay to take a ferry just to get to us. Ferry rides are not cheap! and prices are rising! But my Mom is so awesome, that she came over on the ferry just to pick up my 3 year old, and then hopped back on the ferry home just so I could have a weekend of catching up on everything.

I didn't do a darn thing the first night. I started some crochet projects, and caught up on Downton Abbey. Even though we still had our littlest with us, Dru and I felt rested. One kid is WAY easier than TWO! We even spent a day out shopping and it was really really nice. The last day our oldest was gone, I caught up on all the house work, and washed the floors...I know how to party...

Anyway, to say thank you, I made my mom some slippers and then made some gift tags to go with them today. I think the tags turned out pretty cute! (the slippers look horrifying so no pictures to show of those haha)

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