Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Quickest Valentines banner EVER!

Valentines is coming! But to be honest, I haven't exactly been crafting for it this week.
Instead I've buckled down with my crochet projects and finished some stuff up. I want to make enough inventory to actually be able to sell at a craft fair this year. *goals*

I would post tutorials for crochet projects, but truth be told, you would be so very confused because half the time I can't tell the difference between a double crochet, or a triple crochet, and I have to google it.

BUT I do have a quick DIY bunting idea for you! I love quick crafts because half the time I have a baby hanging off me needing my full attention. So here it is!

Quick Valentine Bunting!

You Will Need:
-paper (I used vintage sheet music I found at the thrift store for 25 cents!)
-red or pink paint
-paint brush
-hole punch (I also found this at the thrift store for $1! can see I still haven't removed the price tag..hah!)

 Take your paper and stack it all together so you can cut more than one piece at once. Cut it into strips. It doesn't matter what size you make them, as long as the strips stay close in size.

I cut mine into three strips. 

 Then cut those strips in half.

Cut little triangles out of the bottom

punch two holes in the top

Paint hearts on. I like that you can still see the music notes through the paint.

String some string through the holes, and your donnnnnneee!

So quick, and so very easy!

What crafts have you been doing for the big day of love?

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